The Waldwin Group is Converting to Electroni Pay and I-Pay Statements

The Waldwin Group is pleased to announce electronic viewing of your pay is now available with ADP iPay Statements; a new benefit for all employees.   All employees are required to register online within the first two weeks of receiving your first pay.  Registering online provides our employees access to their current and historical pay including tax information.  The pass code is provided directly by HR.  Below are the steps to register:

How to Register on ADP I-Pay Statements

 Go to

  1. 2.      Click on “Register Now”. 
  2. Enter the Self Service Registration Pass Code which is provided by the corporate office when hired.
  3. Select iPayStatements as the self-service Product.
  4. From your most recent pay statement, enter the following information:
  • Company Code
  • File Number
  • Check/Advice Number
  • Pay Date
  • Social Security Number


You will then be prompted to complete a registration process during which you must answer a few security questions and select a password.  Your password must contain between 8 to 20 characters and at least one alpha and one numeric character.  You will be assigned a system generated User ID.  The security questions will be used to verify your identity if you ever forget your user ID or password.


Upon completing the registration process, you may access your pay statements at  (you may also opt to save the site in your Favorite Places.)


If you have not submitted a direct deposit form please do so as soon as possible.   This is a convenient and efficient way of receiving your pay.  If you have any questions about your pay please complete Human Resources at 617-541-1911.