Leadership Team

Clayton Turnbull – Chief Executive Officer

 Clayton Turnbull the founder and CEO of The Waldwin Group has been passionately involved in developing and operating Dunkin’ Donuts Restaurants since 1992. He is committed to building and sustaining the company through excellence in retail operations, economic development and directly impacting the communities of Boston.  It is not uncommon to visit a store and see him working with his team on the front line and serving customers. He strongly believes in working hard and being your very best.  Clayton’s leadership reflects his belief that good economic development is vital to the growth of our communities. Therefore the merging of a great brand and good customer service is imperative.

Kevin Reynolds – Director of Operations

 Kevin Reynolds is the Director of Operations for The Waldwin Group. Kevin started as a Store Manager in the Mattapan location in 1995. Due to commitment and hard work to grow the business, Kevin successfully advanced to the position of Operations Manager. Kevin has been the Director of Operations since 2002, overseeing all retail activity. Kevin works closely with the management team to ensure our customers get the freshest product in a warm and friendly environment. He strongly believes in the success of the team and inspiring our team to know that “success is a choice”.